Call us : (413) 997-9242
Thank you for your interest in the Onota Residence.  If you have a specfic question, not listed below, please email, [email protected].  

How do I know if a unit is available?

CLICK HERE for any available units.  If no units are shown, there are no units currently available.

Do you show units or give tours?
We don't provide tours of the building.  We only show units to tenants who submit a full application on a unit.

How do I know if I submitted an application?
You can only submit an application if a unit is showing as available.  There is a $25/per person application fee to apply to the Onota.  Once this fee is paid, your application will be submitted.

Do you know when units are going to be available?
This is a very common question.   We reach out to tenants 3 months in advance of a lease ending.  If tenants are not renewing, we post the unit on our website here.  However, some tenants do need to get out of their lease early.  As soon as we know a unit is coming available, we post it to our website.  Applying to the Onota is on a first come/first serve basis.  Once a unit is posted on our website, we take the first application that is submitted and so on.  

Do you have a waitlist?
Yes, we do.  To be added to our waitlist, please fill out a prospect request here.

I have left messages and emailed and haven't heard back from anyone!
We apologize!  We are inundated with apartment requests and do our best to get back to people.  

Are utilities included in rent?
Utilities are not included in rent.  There is one electric bill per unit that covers your hot water, AC, heat and electric.  

Is there parking for the Onota?
Parking is at the McKay Street lot for $70/per month in a covered, reserved section of the parking garage.  We simply facilite the parking for the City of Pittsfield.