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The Neighborhood & Surrounding Areas

Pittsfield is the largest city and the county seat of Berkshire County. It is a dynamic urban center- offering rich selection of arts,entertainment, cafes, restaurants, unique stores and businesses. Located at the geographic center of Berkshire County, the downtown attracts people to its rich cultural activities, eclectic dining, and wide variety of professional,  educational and public services.

The Berkshire is also known for its abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Pittsfield is surrounded by farm land and natural preserves, there are ample places to hike, swim, ski, bird watch and enjoy nature.

With the Barrington Stage Company, Colonial Theatre and New Stage Theatre, the district has blossomed into a hub for the live theatre, music, and the performing arts. The Beacon Cinema and the Little Theater offer a variety of independent and popular films as well as special film festivals. The newly renovated Berkshire Museum, the Lichtenstein Center, Ferrin Art Gallery, Berkshire Music School, three dance studios and more than 50 artist studios guarantee that there is something downtown for everyone.

Downtown Pittsfield's Art District offers over 1,000 cultural events per year, drawing over 500,000 people yearly from all over New England.